E hume ka malo.E hume ka malo.E hume ka malo.E hume ka malo.

e ho' okala ka ihe

e komo mai.


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About Us

Our Mission


 To empower and enable Kanaka Maoli, particularly native Hawaiian men, who seek restoration and reconciliation with their 'ohana (family and community) through the process of Ho'okanaka,  a culturally rooted and communally relevant process of change catalyzed by servant leadership.  

Our Vision


 To build strong, healthy and resilient men, women, 'ohana and communities through an individual and communal change process (ho'okanaka) that grows indigenous stewardship and leadership values and action. Kuleana - Acknowledgement, empowerment and personal responsibility that strengthens our cultural and communal identity and legacy. Kupono - Recognition, positive participation and communal accountability that works toward reconciling our relationships to other people and the 'aina. A 'o kanaka - Consistent practice, capacity building and connected actions that increases both the independence of the individual within the interdependence of the community.  Lokahi - Holistic, comprehensive and sustainable long-term strategies that promote values, resources and opportunities for the comm(unity). 

Our History


 Established in 2010, Kanaka 'O Puna provides programs and services that are founded on Ho 'okanaka. Ho'okanaka is our theory of change in which our participants commit to and engage in a life-long process of personal change through servant leadership. Ho'okanaka is the foundational cornerstone for all that we do as a program and as an organization. It's intentionality resides within every activity, training, program, enterprise activity, workshop or community event that we offer. Our focus is on embracing a learning and practice of empowerment that extends from our men and women, to our youth, to our 'ohana, to out kupuna and ultimately to our community. 


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